Bakery Novato

Bakery Novato

We stand for doing the best you possibly can with what God has granted.  We believe that people will never be perfect, yet to strive for greatness is a reasonable goal.   We believe that people come first.  We believe service must come from the heart.  We believe only the best ingredients should be used.  We believe in continuous personal growth, by learning, sharing and caring about everything we do. We believe that each person is a unique gift to the world with the ability to enhance and benefit the present surroundings.  We believe in the pursuit of humble, good natured virtues.   We believe happiness is a choice.  We believe providing superior coffee and quality items, in a sincere manner, makes people happy

Proven Excellence

A truly great cup of coffee is only determined by the people who consume it. Along with our intensive evaluation process, because we serve hundreds of thousands of guests every year at our brick and mortar coffee shop in Novato California, we are able to immediately, continuously and accurately gain feedback from our guests to understand what people like or dislike.

This direct interaction with our beloved guests at the Novato Coffee Shop has allowed us to fine tune our Coffee Blends. This allows us to provide agriculturally top rated coffee beans as well as, truly top quality coffee bean blends that have proven to be dearly loved by hundreds of thousands of people for over eleven years.

The Stringent Process of Excellence

Our coffee beans must pass a stringent quality evaluation before we offer the coffee to our guests. Through a sophisticated process involving micro sample roasting and weekly focused taste samplings (cupping), we carefully and meticulously scrutinize each harvest from each particular farm. Only after each harvest of beans passes our intensive evaluation will we offer these top quality beans to our guests.

Coffee Roasting Akin to Great Cooking

Much like how great chefs will use multiple assortment of spices to give the dish depth, dynamics and truly great flavor, we view coffee roasting much the same way. Each particular type of coffee bean, has a different taste depending on where it was grown, how it was roasted and the quality of care provided by each coffee farmer during the growth process.

We craft the finest coffee in the world by determining which farms are providing the healthiest and most flavorful beans and only source coffees from these farms. We then craft each blend with several different types of expertly roasted, top rated coffee beans, in proper ratios, to create a balanced, very robust, dynamic and incredibly flavorful cup of coffee.

We are so confident that you will love our coffee, we offer a money back guarantee. If you do not like any of our coffees, for any reason, with a smile we will refund your money.